We have moved all our forums to GeeForum.com

We have moved all our forums to GeeForums.com


Gee or GEE means GreenExamEducation.com. That is how we form the forum name:


It is a better service for all our members and you can post photos or jpeg files of your vignettes for other users’ review. It includes ARE Exams Forums, LEED Forums, Music Forum, Off-Topic Forum, Market Place and various sub-forums.

Please sign up/register for a free account. We give out free review books to registered users at GeeForum.com every now and then. If you have friends and co-workers who are taking ARE exams or LEED exams or are interested in music, please help us spread the word and let them know about GeeForum.com and encourage them to sign up.

We have found forums to be a very valuable tool and platform to connect with your customers: you have start a thread, and have in-depth discussion about a subject; you can easily organize the topics and search what you are looking for easily.

A forum is interactive and is much more effective than a mailing list.

Please note GeeForum.com is paid for and sponsored by GreenExamEducation.com.

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