ARE Mock Exam series by ArchiteG, Inc.

Time and effort is the most valuable asset of a candidate. How to cherish and effectively use your limited time and effort is the key of passing any exam. That is why we publish the ARE Mock Exam series to help you to study and pass the ARE exams in the shortest time possible. We have done the hard work so that you can save time. We do not want to make you work harder than you have to.


Do not force yourself to memorize a lot of numbers. Read through the numbers a few times, and you should have a very good impression of them.


You need to make the judgment call: If you miss a few numbers, you can still pass the exam, but if you spend too much time drilling these numbers, you may miss out on the big pictures and fail the exam.


We have done very comprehensive research on the official NCARB guides, many related websites, reference materials, and ARE exam prep materials by our competitors. We intentionally make our mock exams easier than some of our competitors’, and match our questions as close as possible to the NCARB samples and the real ARE exams instead. This is based on our readers and candidates feedbacks because these competitors’ materials are way over-killed and do not match the real ARE exams at all. Many people at various study groups also indicated that they did extremely poor on these competitors’ practice exams and felt devastated. They gave up the competitors’ materials and used our ARE mock exams and related materials instead, and they ended up passing the ARE exams on the first try. Some other readers used competitors’ materials and failed an ARE exam two or three times, and they eventually passed the exam with our help.


All our books include a step-by-step solution to each of the NCARB sample vignette with screenshots and related NCARB software commands, a complete set of MC questions (except for the SD ARE mock exam) and vignettes matching the real ARE exams, including number of questions, format, type of questions, etc. We also include detailed answers and explanations to our MC questions, and a step-by-step solution to each of the mock vignette with screenshots and related NCARB software commands. Our DWG files for our mock exam vignettes can also be installed and used with the NCARB software.


There is some extra information on ARE overviews and exam-taking tips in Chapter One. This is based on NCARB AND other valuable sources. This is a bonus feature we included in each book because we want our readers to be able to buy our books all together or individually. We want you to find all necessary ARE exam information and resources at one place and through our books.


All our books are available at

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