What others are saying about “Building Systems (BS) ARE Mock Exam (Architect Registration Exam)”…

“Great Practice Exam

“In my opinion, the Building Systems (BS) test is one of the most difficult of the ARE Exams. For me, it was difficult to not be overwhelmed by the amount of content covered by the Exam. This Mock Exam is the perfect tool to keep you focused on the content that matters and to evaluate what you know and what you need to study. It definitely helped me pass the exam!!”

—Michael Harvey (“Harv”)


“Great resource for the BS exam

It is a guide that gives you the exact information you need before you start taking the tests and more specific information for the BS Exam. The BS exam section breaks it down into the specifics you need to know and what you should not waste your time on. One of the hard parts of the exam is trying to figure out where NCARB gets its material from.


The book gives you tips on what books the diagrams and MC questions in NCARB’s study guide are similar to. It also references websites and PDF’s throughout the book, which is very helpful. The exam section emphasizes the need to not read everything, but to concentrate on the specifics (i.e. diagrams, images etc.) and emphasizes this several times throughout the book. The graphic vignette section was extremely helpful and its importance in the book clarifies the need to make sure you know the graphic section in order to pass the exam (a very helpful hint).


One of the best features of the book was the practice questions. It is hard to find many books that give good questions that are more in line with what NCARB will be asking and it is also good to have an extra set of questions to study from. The book goes further than a conventional study/exam guide. It explains the profession of architecture and goes more into the professions future. Overall this book is a great resource not just for the exam review, but also for the general knowledge of becoming an architect and what to expect, in a very concise, step by step, and easy to read format.”

—Rebecca Rubinow (“R”)


“Great resource

“Building Systems is easily the hardest exam of the ARE’s in my opinion. For preparation, there is nothing that prepares you more than questions. There is an overload of information out there, you tube, online resources like Wikipedia, MEEB, etc., but a lack of real questions. Answering the questions through practice is the best way to study, as opposed to reading the entire MEEB book-which I did as well. The questions in this book are very similar to the exam (took it twice). Also, the ARE exam questions try to trick and throw you off. These questions also do the same thing, and he explains in his answers why. There are over a 100 questions, including insight and tips on passing the vignette. Highly recommended…”

—Andrew Consigli (“Nate”)


“Great ARE BS Practice Exam

“This is a comprehensive mock exam with a very detailed answer explanation for each questions and reference materials to look up that covers other relevant areas. Personally, I have taken most of the other available mock exams prior to this, and I found the questions in this book more similar to the official NCARB sample questions in comparison (but contains great explanations that the NCARB questions clearly lacks). The book also includes a section of a step-by-step instruction on solving the vignette that is easy to understand and helped me improve my speed greatly. Highly recommended.”



“Great study resource!

“It’s always a great study tool to have Practice exams like this one! Seems to be very comprehensive and includes a little bit of everything that you need to know for the exam! Great supplemental resource!”

—Sean Primeaux


“Great Mock Exam Exercise!

One of the best things I like this book is how the author have included some of his insights and utilized online resources into the introduction of the book. He provided some Youtube links or online regulations references that readers could refer to about specific topics. The book provides detail answers for each mock exam questions. The mock exam becomes very helpful in reminding the readers their weaknesses in certain topics and provides an opportunity for readers to go back and revise areas they are not familiar with.


There were a couple of questions did show up in a similar format in my actual ARE exam experience. For candidates who have difficulties in understanding the formula and calculations for certain topics, the book provides simple and easy to understand questions that helps readers to practice the formula and be familiarize with the calculations. The book not only includes one mock exam it also have guidelines and one practice question for the graphic vignette. Personally I will suggest to post your practiced vignette in the ARE forum for review and comments. Since there is not many ARE mock exams published in the market, it is one of the very useful study materials to have for the BS exam.”

—Rose Hung


“Building Systems (BS) ARE Mock Exam (Architect Registration Exam)

“Excellent study guide with study tips, general test info, and recommended study resources. Hands down one of the best practice exams that I have came across for this exam. Most importantly, the practice exam includes in depth explanations of answers. Definitely recommended.”

Taylor Cupp


“Great Supplement!!

“This publication was very helpful in my preparation for my BS exam. It contained a mock exam, followed by the answers and brief explanations to the answers. I would recommend this as an additional study material for this exam.”

Cynthia Zorrilla-Canteros (“czcante”)

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