ArchiteG, Inc. Proudly Presents “Encountering Love” 与愛相遇 by Jasmine Ji 季芳

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Press Release (For Immediate Release):


This book is a literature work of documentary.

Touched by a moving event in her home church, the author documents the entire story from different people’s perspective based on many interviews.

From the beginning to the end, the story always exudes the fragrance of human love, and the divine glory. It is also a beautiful testimony of God’s love.

The author’s graceful and beautiful style of writing has been highly commended by the editors of “Overseas Campus” magazine and many readers.

Please see the author’s poetic narrative with deep love.







About the author

The author, Jasmine Ji, comes from Hunan Province, China. She graduated from the Department of Chinese Language and Literature, Beijing Normal University.  She has published several novels and essays on “Overseas Campus” magazine.



Title: Encountering Love (Traditional Chinese Edition) 与愛相遇

ISBN: 9781612650043

Suggested retail Price: $11.99

Available worldwide via ALL Amazon sites and and all major online retailers. You can search the book by its ISBN or title.

Wholesale discount: 5% off for 5 copies or more; 10% off for 10 copies or more;20% off for 20 copies or more.

(Contact Publisher: ArchiteG, Inc., Irvine, California for wholesale inquiry)

Author:  Jasmine Ji 季芳

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