What others are saying about “Construction Documents and Service (CDS) ARE Mock Exam (Architect Registration Exam)”…


“I PASSED!!! Having Gang Chen’s book helped out greatly the second time around. I did not have this resource the first time taking the exam. So, I would highly recommend it for those who are preparing for the ARE – CDS exam. The book gives helpful study tips and pointer to preparing for the exam. The sample mock exam is great because it asks questions in an equivalent format that the actual exam would. What also is great is there is a detailed explanation of all the answers right or wrong and where to look it up. Overall this book helped. It is a must have for study material. Thank You, Gang Chen.”

James Lushbough


“Great Study Guide

“The ARE CDS Mock Exam provided realistic exam-based review questions which had a positive impact on my results. This review along with ARE Forum deserve credit for preparing me for my final exam. I am now a registered architect in my jurisdiction. Wouldn’t have done it so soon without this valuable tool. Thanks again Mr. Gang Chen.”

John Schaaf


“Excellent book!

“When used in conjunction with solid study materials, this mock exam was invaluable to me for passing CDS on my first attempt. For the vignette, the walk-through was particularly helpful in navigating NCARB’s notoriously difficult software by proposing a logically ordered sequence and showing where inefficiencies could be eliminated to save time and perfect solutions. The MC questions are well written, and although a couple of typos are present, the meaning is obvious, and doesn’t outweigh what makes this a 5 star book. They’re written like the NCARB questions, with various types…check all that apply, fill in the blank, best answer, etc. The answer key helpfully describes why the correct answer is correct, and why the incorrect answers are not. At half the cost of other mock exams, this is a must buy if you want to pass CDS the first time you take it.”

Domiane Forte


“Very helpful

“I certainly recommend this book to everyone who is preparing to take this exam. It is very helpful, easy to read and understand. It covers various areas of the actual exams and gives you the information that you need to solve the MC questions and the vignette section. I liked the Mock-up practice exam in this book which is very beneficial and is similar to the type of questions that you would encounter in the real exam.”

Seta Ohanesian


A great supplemental study guide

“This book by Gang Chen is a great supplemental study guide for the ARE exam preparation. The overview is thorough and a great compliment to Ballast and Kaplan. This is a must have study guide as the practice questions are comparable to NCARB’s. I will also be using the Building Design & Construction Systems’s (BDCS) study guide by Gang Chen for my next exam.”

Brian Fracasse


“Invaluable Practice Test

This is an amazing resource for studying the CDS portion of the ARE. After studying for months on my first exam trying to find a concise list of information that I should study from, I went into my first exam blindsided by the level of difficulty that the multiple choice questions had. This time around I wasn’t going to take any chances. This book contains a step by step studying plan for this portion of the test and contains a full sample test for you to practice and see how your studying is progressing. It’s nice to have some practice for those dreaded choose the best three answers out of the seven listed. After you go through the practice exam, there is a detailed explanation of all the answers to help give you some closure with the questions that just drive you nuts (compared to the real exam where you will never know what the correct answers to the questions really are).

Overall a great book that is definitely worth every cent I paid.”

Michael Scott



An absolute necessity to understanding the practice of the construction/design industry at a practical level!

The text is an essential supplement for the study of Architecture License exams as it provides another dimension of information to other study material currently on the market.

Quick references to contract documents, official AIA, NCARB sites, and other texts for necessary information helps to reinforce answers to Mock exam. Even phrasing of questions, be it intentionally or poor editing, gets your mind into the right exam mode.

In addition, many answers to questions that arise even in your daily journey to licensure are addressed, many of which I personally have not seen printed in any study material to date.

A must-have!”

Julie Babikian


“Highly recommended book – Construction Documents and Service (CDS) ARE Mock Exam by Gang Chen

“This book is essential for the ARE candidates. It provides step by step instruction for the best vignette solution. The mock up exam’s questions were similar to the actual exam. I personally find it really helpful to have taken this mock exam in preparation for my actual exam. Highly recommended!”

Pooi Lee, who passed ARE CDS division on his first try.


Very easy to read

“This book is very easy to read and it gives you extra information that I haven’t found in other resources. It also gives you a very good insight for the vignettes. The mock up exam is very good
Thank Mr. Chen!”

Paulina Mancilla


It allows one to understand the Architectural field

Mr. Chen has evidently thought of this book as a means of providing information that would more than just allow someone to pass the ARE CDS exam. It allows one to understand the Architectural field and all the issues behind Construction Documents and Services.”

Manish Kalantri


Very helpful for preparing for the exam

“This book gives a good overview of the actual CDS ARE test. It is a decent complement to other study materials when preparing for the ARE. It has overall lots of information, which are very helpful for preparing for the exam. I would suggest reading the entire manual at least twice before you take the CDS exam.”

Ruchi Dhar


“Pretty Insightful

“I found Gang Chen’s CDS review to provide another level deeper than my Ballast Book which is also good. I definitely recommend this book and he gives a couple very special insights on the vignette that nobody else does. He is to the point and clear, just the way I like it.
An easy and fast read. Thank you!”

Demetrios Christopoulos

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