My video on my published books – An experiment using to market books

I have made 6 video pieces for 6 of my 8 published books, and uploaded them to I think some of you may be interested. If you like them, please hit the “thumb up” button to show you like them, or you can add a comment.

I always like in-person interaction. Video is a tool that is close to in-person interaction. Since Facebook .com and has millions and millions of users. I am checking these tools out. Hopefully they can be great tools to achieve our goals in life.

Here are the links to the video:

LEED GA Exam Guide:

Architectural Practice Simplified:

Planting Design Illustrated:

LEED GA Mock Exams:

LEED BD&C Exam Guide:

LEED O&M Mock Exam:

I’ll post a video for “LEED ID&C Exam Guide” when I have a chance to make it.

All Gang Chen’s published books have both the printed version and the eBook version. They are available at:

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