FREE review copies for “LEED ID&C Exam Guide” are available

I decided to give out a limited number of FREE review copies for my newly published book, “LEED ID&C Exam Guide.”

1. Send an e-mail to plantingdesign(at) with the following codes as your subject line:

WP-LEED ID&C Review Copies

2. The review copies are free if you are willing and able to write a simple book review and post it at and within 30 days of receipt the review copy. This offer is good when review copies are still available. You need to have bought something from Amazon before to be able to post a review. It needs to have 200 words minimum and describes one or two features of the book that you think is helpful to the readers. This will help other readers who are not able to see a physical copy of the book. Thanks!

People with good writing skills, or previous experience in writing book reviews, or great teaching or professional experience will have a better chance than others. If you can briefly tell us why you are the best person to write a book review and tell others about this book, it will be very helpful.

3. Readers who have received free review copies of any of my books within last 365 days will NOT qualify. Employees of ArchiteG, Inc will NOT qualify for the free review copies.

We want to give the free review copies to the people who are really motivated and are seriously about writing the book reviews at and Only people who are selected to receive the free review copies will be contacted.

For those who receive the free review copies, please do keep you promise and post a review at and because you have the advantage of holding a book in your hand, look through it or read it carefully, and know exactly what is inside, and you can tell people about it. One year later, you’ll be qualified again for a free review copy for other new books that we’ll publish.

We give out limited free review copies for some new books when they are published so that people can know about them.

Here is some more info on the book:

See all my published books at:

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